Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Want to be a Mayor? join the club.

As well as KKFI broadcast quality is, if you are interested in Politics, it was much better to be there; at UMKC. The 12 candidates addressed issues from TIF to Environmental issues, including Sewer repair, light Rail and “Green” Building Codes as well as Crime and a Living Wage.

The Candidates

Alvin Brooks

Chuck Eddy

Janice Ellis

John Fairfield

Mark Funkhouser

Stan Glazer

Jim Glover

Henry Klein

Becky Nace

Albert Riederer

Katherine Shields

John Dicapo---Not Present

The most Interesting aspect was watching the body language of each Candidate. The Front Runners seemed a bit irritable that they had to share time with so many pretenders; Funkhouser, Klein and Riederer most notably. Funk was rather antsy and never started his comments with an intro, he does have a distinct deep voice, but… Henry Klein looked bored and annoyed. Riederer was also squirming in his seat, looking for any opportunity to attack Funk or mention Leadership.

The Candidates that seemed weakest are Nace, Shields, God love him Alvin Brooks these candidates either had not much for substantial input or seemed a bit lost in the discussion. Granted Brooks was at a far end and knows he has a good block of votes regardless of what he says, but he should remain Mayor Pro-Tem.

The Middle of the Pack: Glover, Fairfield, Eddy, Ellis Glover seemed to have the Best of this Group and I might but him in the first group, (?)

Had good ideas and input, but seemed a bit under the weather and arrived during the second round of questions. Janice Ellis carried herself well, had input and was prepared, impressed having not heard her before’; but she will not get there, yet.

And then there is Stan Glazer, being Stan. Every election needs someone like Stan. He is a BS check for the others, even though he knows he won’t win he does add something to a debate.

When the field thins, Shields should step out, Klein, Funkhouser, Riederer- for the Republicans, and Glover should prove to be the real candidates; but Brooks will sneak in there out of respect and the African-American vote.

The Entertainment was with Funkhouser, he brought no notes, spoke loud and frank, he was repeatedly attacked by Riederer—seems as the have history.

Klein was the only person on the stage that realized that the audience did not know what PIAC (?) was and explained, citizen participation in development.

He made a remark about how often LEADERSHIP was thrown around.

Nace, Fairfield and Shields had nothing to add; but that did not stop them.

That is the quick rundown, more to come, watching The W’s address.

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